Our Story

Learn how Joe’s story of his own drug addiction, drug trafficking, and incarceration led to a life of freedom in Christ and commitment to helping others get a second chance!

Everyone needs to recover from something. The more fortunate among us can hide the things we are addicted to, or pursue them in secret, believing no one is being hurt by them. But denial is no cure, and true healing requires transparency and deep honesty. It’s only when the pain of continuing the denial becomes too great, that the fear of really doing battle with the root causes of our pain can be overcome.

Recovery is just the beginning. Once freed from the shame of our past, we are free to grow in spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and relational maturity. The hurts that once defined us as failures are now transformed to provide the inner fire that propels us forward to a new way of relating and living.

In 2006, Joe Tarasuk founded CrossRoads Freedom Center, a non-profit ministry, with the goal of building recovery homes to provide support and guidance to men and women struggling with hurts, destructive habits, and other life crises.

In 2011, he and his wife Maria purchased 16 acres in Ijamsville, Maryland as the site of the first CrossRoads Freedom Center.

The property, formerly a restaurant and inn, is being restored for a new purpose of providing men a safe place to build their recovery, gain work skills, and learn to live in community again.